Cake Smash Photography

What could be better than celebrating your baby’s first birthday with the unique experience of a fun portrait and birthday cake smashing session! Whether they eat it, smash it, sit in it or throw it, cake-covered fingers, toes and messy little faces are such a joy to capture and it’s always such good fun!

Each session is individually styled based on your choice of colour scheme and includes the cake which is handmade by a fantastic local cake maker.  These sessions usually last around one to two hours depending on your baby, but it is guaranteed that you will walk away from the session with some wonderful memories and images to share with your child as they grow up.


We’ll take some photos of your child dressed in their special pre-smash outfit. These initial images allow your little one time to get used to the studio environment. I advise selecting an outfit which fits in with your chosen colours or theme, but I also have a selection of outfits for you to use.

With a quick change into the cake smash clothing we move on to the smashing itself, which should take about 30 minutes. I provide outfits for this part which fit in with the session’s bespoke styling but, again, if you have an outfit you would like them to wear please let me know do that we can ensure all aspects of the shoot complement each other.

After all that cake smashing you can expect a big mess! A fun way to clean up afterwards, instead of the usual wipe down, is to have the baby take a bubble bath in a tub filled to the brim with bubbles! Babies love their baths and all those bubbles add to the fun.

It is also a good idea to bring an outfit to take your little one home in and a drink and snack for them, as well as spare clothes for you in case a cuddle is wanted half way through!


It is the responsibility of the client to inform the photographer of any allergies upon booking.

We are unable to provide any cakes to meet specific dietary requirements and in such cases parents will need to provide their own cake for the session

The photographer will not be held liable if a child is found to be allergic to any of the ingredients used to make the cake. The photographer has the cakes professionally made by a third-party. Items may contain or have come into contact with nuts, egg product, gluten and dairy, cross contamination is a possibility.



It is never too early to book as I get very busy and if you have any specific requirements for the session this may not be possible with a last minute booking.

Once you have decided to book in your cake smash session with me, we will discuss colours and/or themes you would like to incorporate in your session to ensure that each cake smash session is bespoke and personal to you.

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