Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is probably one of the most amazing times in a woman’s life, full of anticipation, excitement, surprises and wonder. Some women even feel their most beautiful when they are pregnant. I encourage every pregnant women to consider maternity photography. It is a time to celebrate the gift of new life. Our maternity portraiture aims to capture stunning intimate images of you during your pregnancy.

The shoot can take place in the relaxed environment of our studio, or on location at your home, on the beach, or in the woods, we make sure that it is the perfect location for you.

This time can be just as important a time for your family, so your partner and children are more than welcome to join you for the session, allowing us to capture the close relationship between your family and bump.


These can last up to 2 hours and are very relaxed with plenty of time for a cup of tea.  Please feel free to bring along any special baby toys or newborn shoes for the new baby, which you would like included in some of your portraits. Also any other items personal to you which you feel may act as complementary props for the shoot.

This is a special session so a little bit of pampering before your shoot always works wonders. Having your hair and nails done or even taking the time to have a relaxing bubble bath gives you a few hours beforehand to relax and feel amazing.

What to wear

The important thing is that you need feel comfortable, but there are some items of clothing worth bearing in mind if you have any of these to hand.  Empire style dresses look beautiful and show of the expectant mother’s belly nicely. Pre-pregnancy vest/tank tops, maternity camisoles, or fitted tops are worth bringing along as these can be pushed up above your belly, and the same goes for pre-pregnancy jeans. Shirts work well, either your own or your partners, as these can be unbuttoned over the belly. Lastly try to avoid baggy clothes as we are trying to show off your belly. It is also a good idea to bring along a set of nice underwear.


I recommend maternity portrait session between 28-36 weeks when your bump will be showing at its most beautiful, but not too close to the due date. Life can become busy during your third trimester and it is always worth planning ahead and booking early in your pregnancy, but we are here to get gorgeous images of you, whatever stage of pregnancy you are at.

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